Giovanni Frangi’s exhibition Prêt-à-porter, which is handled by Giovanni Agosti, is being held at Palazzo Fabroni, a twentieth-century and contemporary museum located in 18 Sant’Andrea Street.

Prête-à-porter is a project that focuses on landscape and its appearance, which are part of the artist’s creative process. The eighteenth-century rooms give Frangi the opportunity to express his art, which it draws inspiration from a precise landscape. Other examples of his art are Villa Panza in Varese and the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. The exhibition has been planned entirely for the spaces that hold it and also other works are created deliberately in the same way, for example the one on the walkway that sticks out on the first floor. Every work is linked to the architectural and historical context of the building.

The exhibition will be held until May 1st 2017 with the following timetable: from Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m–2 p.m; Saturday, Sunday and holiday timetable 10 a.m–6 p.m. Entrance ticket prices (also including the visit to the permanent exhibition of Palazzo Fabroni): entire €3,50; reduced €2,00.

For more information call 0573 371214 or visit the website       

The light of a laser beam lights up Pistoia during its nights as the Italian Capital of Culture. The laser beam connects Palazzo Fabroni, headquarters of the Centre of contemporary visual arts, to Fattoria di Celle, venue of Giuliano Gori’s collection of environmental art. Put in by the Municipality of Pistoia and by the Association Pistoiese Theatre, the beam will be lit up several times throughout the year, in correspondence with the main events linked to contemporary art within the programme of Italian Culture Capital. Propagated from the fourth floor of Palazzo Fabroni, the shining connection extends for 5.4 km, and reaches Villa di Celle in Santomanto. Throughout 2017, the beam will be lit up every time a new exhibition, which is included in the annual programme of the Italian Capital of Culture, will take place in Palazzo Fabroni. The laser beam is the result of a project initiated by the late Chiara d’Afflitto, former director of the municipal museums, and by Giuliano Gori. This project draws its inspiration from the work of Dani Karavan; in fact, in Firenze in 1978, the artist had the idea to connect Forte Belvedere to the Brunelleschi’s Cupola. In Pistoia, the light beam will virtually connect the two venues dedicated to contemporary art. The palace in Via Sant’Andrea and Villa di Celle share a common past: both, in fact, belonged to the Fabroni family. The installation of the light beam has been carried out by Laser Entertainment, Lombardia-based European leading company in visual communications linked to spectacularisation, which has received over 30 awards and international prizes in two decades.

In compliance with the necessary security requirements, the Municipality has requested all the necessary authorisations for the installation of lasers for this particular work.


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