In the Italian Capital of Culture 2017 starts the Pistoia TEATRO Festival, an event by the  Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese Centro di Produzione Teatrale thought for a special year. A week full of events, from the 18th to the 25th June 2017, during which the Festival will animate many spaces, also undisclosed, of the town, with a vibrant programme of contemporary theatre, music and  dance.

Four first national performances and three first regional performances, creations and projects created for special places, for a total of 14 titles, with national and international artists that have thought the shows especially for the Festival, excellent ospitality, the best Tuscan theatre with a special attention to the young people and for that twist between art and education that has always distinguished the identity of the Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese. Two workshops dedicated to the “look” and to the “story” will enrich the proposal, they are aimed to the young people who are willing be involved in the atmosphere of the Festival and one day of meeting focused on the history of the “Nuovo Teatro” and to the permanences, discontinuity and metamorphosis of the contemporary scene, starting with the recent publication of the volume Cento storie sul filo della memoria. Il “Nuovo Teatro” in Italia negli anni ’70 (Titivillus, 2017).

The Pistoia TEATRO Festival is characterized by a  real dialogue with some of the most important architectural places of Pistoia, with which the artist will keep in touch thanks to a vital and mutual relationship: from the sixteenth-century Fortezza Medicea of Santa Barbara to the Teatro Manzoni, from the Villa and the Parco di Scornio to the old precious Spedale del Ceppo with its Teatro Anatomico, built in the ‘700, and the elegant square in front of the loggias, adorned with the Fregio robbiano, a masterpiece of the Renaissance. Among the other locations there are the the Piccolo Teatro Mauro Bolognini, the Funaro Centro Culturale, the Chiesa of San Michele in Cioncio, the  Biblioteca Fabroniana, the contemporary art exhibition center Palazzo Fabroni and Palazzo De’ Rossi: a wide and complex geography of places and territories that theatre, dance and music invite to discover, offering an additional incentive to dive into the beauty, careful but irresistible, of the Tuscan town.


The Pistoia TEATRO Festival, included in the Dossier Pistoia Italian Capital of Culture, even if it reprents the starting point of a new dimension, it is also the natural haven of a multi-year work that has seen the Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese renovate itself deeply and strengthen its activities, creating relationships with important artists and stabilizing relationships with the main public and private institutions: the Municipality of Pistoia, partner founder and supporter of all the theatre's activities, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia, the Regione Toscana ̶  that in these years have improved their contribution   ̶  and the MiBACT, that in 2015 recognised the ATP as a Centro di Produzione Teatrale.

With the insertion in the playbill of Teatri di Confine 2017, it continues the collaboration with Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo onlus, with which the ATP has organised the four last editions of the festival dedicated to the contemporary which ideal evolution is represented by  Pistoia TEATRO Festival.

Unicoop Firenze, partner supporter of the whole activity of the Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese, is deeply coinvinced that an artistic offer of quality it's an extraordinary signal of cultural improvement and social promotion. Unicoop Firenze is alongside the Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese in this new adventure. For the Unicoop partners is reserved a reduction for all the events of the Festival.


Rai Radio3 is media partner of thePistoia TEATRO Festival.

For the detailed programme:

Pistoia, the Italian Capital of Culture 2017  is at the centre of a territory with a wealth of gastronomic production and offerings. Culinary tradition is deeply rooted in the Middle Ages and in a culinary tradition of poor origins, enhanced today by high quality local raw ingredients. The hills offer the ideal setting for olive growing – which yields an oil still handcrafted with millstones – and, in the Pescia area, for growing the Sorana bean, protected by the PGI brand and the Slow Food presidium; the alpine pastures of the Pistoia mountains are a grazing area for the sheep used for producing pecorino cheese from raw milk (this is also a PGI brand product), while the forests are a source of small fruits, chestnuts and mushrooms, the main ingredients of many dishes of the local cuisine. The typical recipes of Pistoia include Carcerato, which dates back to the Middle Ages, when prisoners for debt, who didn’t receive meals from the municipality, invented this dish made from entrails discarded by the nearby slaughterhouse, bread and vegetables. A characteristic dish of the San Jacopo festival, which is celebrated on the 25th of July, is fresh maccheroni pasta with duck sauce, while Tuscan bread is the star of dishes such as Pistoian bread soup – previously known and appreciated by medieval pilgrims – and the famous tomato soup. Simple ingredients are also used to make biroldo, a sausage made with the less prized parts and the blood of pork and seasoned with pine nuts and raisins, and migliacci, pork blood fritters. There are also goodies galore on the sweet side. First and foremost Pistoia is known for its production of rough-surfaced confetti, called “birignoccoluti”, already popular in the fourteenth century and still made today with the ancient hand machines made from copper. Visitors should also try necci, chestnut flour crepes filled with ricotta, and berlingozzo, whose origin dates back to the era of the Medici family: a donut that is especially prepared during Carnevale. Not far from Pistoia, Lamporecchio boasts the origin of bridigini, small thin sheet crispy wafers scented with anise which, legend has it, were invented by the nuns of Santa Brigida by adding eggs, sugar and anise to the dough used for Communion wafers. 

Pistoia 11th/17th June 2017 - Vestire il paesaggio - “From the green culture to the landscape culture”


Sunday 11th June

From 9 am to 12 am  A green bike ride in Pistoia: Art and Green discovering Pistoia by bike

The places where art and culture meet in the “Italian Capital of Culture 2017”, in a happy 10 kilometers bike tour, cycling among artistic, panoramic and colourful awesomenesses. A green and landscape cultural proposal among the streets of Pistoia, town of greenery.

TUTTINVERDE!!! The bike ride attendees will wear something green or with flowers and it would be great to bring one flower, one plant, a pleasant outfitting, to inaugurate the “Vestire il Paesaggio” week and to paint green Pistoia accompanied by experts and art historians.

Departure is set in Piazza San Leone in the city center, along the town’s streets with stops in: Villone Puccini, the garden of Monteoliveto, Piazza San Francesco with the Pantheon, the Giardino Volante and the close space of Padiglione di Emodialisi, to finish in Piazza del Duomo.

The attendees will have the chance to strengthen their knowledge about the artistic and environmental beauties of Pistoia thanks to the stories of expert guides:

Gianluca Chelucci, architecture historian, President of the Association "Amici dei Musei e dei Monumenti di Pistoia" and Regional Vice-consul of Touring, will open the speech;

Marco Cei, agronomist specialized in landscape architecture, will show the green areas focusing on Giardino Volante and the excellent case of therapeutic green of Padiglione Emodialisi;

Laura Dominici and Perla Cappellini, art historian of the Cultural Association Mirabilia Arte e Memoria,  will tell the attendees about the story of Villa di Scornio and its English “Romantic” garden, including also Piazza San Francesco and its Pantheon.  Here will play the Banda Borgognoni, founded in 1813, that will welcome you, the green bike ride’s attendees.

Giacomo Carobbi and Cristiano Rabuzzi, writers of the book “Monteoliveto Pistoia e lo stadio dimenticato” will lead you all back in time.


Monday 12th June

Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi - Sala Convegno

Meeting: "The invisible flowers"

This path among the "invisible flowers" and the nursery area, started by an idea of Rita Paoli, supported and built by the cooperative “Pollici Rosa” in Pistoia, is a tribute to all the people, mainly women, that work in the nursery field, a tribute to that unknown world, that made the quality of the nursery sector in Pistoia and that deserves more visibility and awareness.

The initiative, led by Margherita Lombardi and Simonetta Chiarugi, well-known green bloggers and journalists, focus the attention on the “invisible flowers” with many readings, interviews and videos, with secretaries, workers, drivers, and also with entrepreneurs that work in the nursery district of Pistoia, to show this unknown but very important world, identified by a working, familiar and social effort, with a female accent.

Programme: Moderator Margherita Lombardi – Green writer, blogger and journalist


  • 9 am Introduction of the project “The invisible flowers” by Rita Paoli, Forest Agronomist, Nursery entrepreneur;
  • Speech of the President of the Distretto Rurale Vivaistico-Ornamentale Pistoiese, Francesco Mati;
  • Simonetta Chiarugi and Margherita Lombardi, green journalists and bloggers, talk with the nurseries’ entrepreneurs and with the delegates of the association “Liberetutte”;
  • 10:30 am, short break with the “visible” sweets, made by the nurseries’ women of “Pollici Rosa”;
  • 11 am, meeting with “The invisible flowers”, with speeches and testimonies, interviews, show of photos and videos representing the undiscovered but fundamental roles of the nursery sector: secretaries, drivers, etc.
  • In the morning writings of the amateur writer Gioia Niccolai “Inspire the next” and of the writer and nursery entrepreneur Rossella Sporti will be read.


Biblioteca San Giorgio

Showroom and displays from the 12th June to 17th June, during the opening time free entrance to the exhibitions

- The production in frame… “Fatti non foste che per essere rimirati” Exhibition of artistic calendar about the nursery field edited by Vestire il Paesaggio;

- Exhibition “Books, catalogues, experiences and pictures dedicated to the landscape” dedicated to the experiences about the green and the landscape, also by art and historical testimonies about the nursery field, edited by the Provincia di Pistoia, thanks to the experiences of many schools of the district;


" From the fairy drap to the charm of the landscape "

3 pm Showrooms’ inaugaration

3:30 pm Meeting-dialogue “From the fairy drap to the charm of the landscape” - Auditorium Terzani

“Educating to the garden culture: skilfully plants, from the Arazzo Millefiori to the pistoiesi nursery-decorative productions”: educational paths from the fantasy to the reality.

Introduction by Renato Ferretti, Manager of the Provincia di Pistoia, responsible of “Vestire il Paesaggio”.

"Arazzo Millefiori of Pistoia. Twists of plants and flowers: a path through the comprehension of a masterpiece” a project edited by the educational area of the Museo Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi/Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia (Filomena Cafaro, Annamaria Iacuzzi, Simonetta Lupi, Cristina Taddei).

Umberto Alunni, General Manager Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia;

Cristina Tuci, Manager of Museo Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi;

Cristina Taddei, Educational area of Museo dell’Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi;

Elisabetta Pastacaldi, School Manager of Liceo Artistico Petrocchi and of the Istituto Comprensivo Marconi Frosini;

Cristiana Vettori, Coordinator of the project for the Scuola primaria Collodi of Pistoia;

Chiara Nepi, Curator of the Museo Botanico di Firenze.

A speech about the "Philosophers-architects of gardens among landscapes’ ethics and aesthetics” a project edited by ITCS F. Pacini of Pistoia and the speech  "The harmony’s garden" will follow. Planning proposals for the requalification of a green area for the school a project by  the Istituto Omnicomprensivo of San Marcello Pistoiese.


5:30 pm "The Landscape philosophy" – Propulsion of Fernando Caruncho, International Landscape designer and philosopher well-known for his minimal landscapes and a characteristic use of the light. 


Museum Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi

6:30 pm – 8 pm Itinerary among landscape painters and Arazzo Millefiori – Guided tour with the Director of the Museum Cristina Tuci.

The Arazzo Millefiori, represents one of the most extraordinary artistic beauty of Pistoia, not yet well known, but unique.

It is an arras created in the Fleming town of Arras, a very big handmade tapestry in silk and wool that represents a refined blooming garden with wild animals and a wide range of flowers that reminds us the hortus conclusus.


CONFERENCE "From the green culture to the landscape culture"

Tuesday 13th June

Sala Maggiore of Palazzo Comunale

Day one

From 10 am to 1 pm Annullo Filatelico under the Logge del Palazzo Comunale

Annullo Filatelico of the commemorative card of the 4th edition of Vestire il Paesaggio – Pistoia Italian Capital of Culture 2017, edited by Poste Italiane

9:30 am From the green culture to the landscape culture Renato Ferretti – manager of Provincia di Pistoia - introduces and leads

10 am participation of Pistoia's Mayor Samuele Bertinelli, President of Provincia di Pistoia Rinaldo Vanni, President of Fondazione Luca Iozzelli, President of Regione Toscana Enrico Rossi, Minister of Agricultural Policy Maurizio Martina, President of the Distretto Rurale Vivaistico-Ornamentale of Pistoia Francesco Mati

From 11:30 am to 1 pm Lectio magistralis “Trees in the wallet: the economic value of the trees and their role in the towns of the future” - Francesco Ferrini – Principal of the Scuola di Agraria Università di Firenze

2 pm  The culture of the production on the ornamental plants-  Elena Accati Garibaldi introduces and leads

2:30 pm The production of the ornamental plants in Europe - Josep Maria Pagès - ENA

3 pm The evolution of the plantation techniques of the ornamental plants - Francesco Nicese - Università di Firenze

3:30 pm Which plants for the environmental requalification - Paola Sangalli - AEIP

4 pm The perennials for the urban parks - Bert Griffioen - Griffioen Wassenaar Bv

4:45 pm  The landscape culture - Annalisa Maniglio Calcagno introduces and leads - Università di Genova - AIAPP

5:10 pm The evolution of the landscape design culture - Laura Gatti - Agronomo Paesaggista

5:40 pm Projects for next landscapes - Anna Lambertini - Università di Firenze e Tessa MatteiniLandscape designer

6:10 pm Green and landscape culture: The fundamental role of the media for their spreading and their defense - Margherita LombardiAgronomist and botanical journalist


Wednesday 14th June

Sala Maggiore of Palazzo Comunale

Day two

9 am The research of new landscapes between planning and project -  Silvia Viviani introduces and leads - President INU

9:30 am The green active town - Huub Keijzers Naturalistic engineer

10 am The renewal of the wooded areas, present and future of the urban wooded patrimonies  - Ciro Degl'Innocenti and Roberto Diolaiti – Association of Direttori and Tecnici Pubblici Giardini

10:30 am Cases of renewal of wooded areas - Francesco Messina – Municipality of Roma

11 am Pistoia Ongoing Masterplan 2014-2016 - Gabriele Paolinelli – University of Firenze

11:30 am The landscape project as activator of virtuous processes  - Antonella Melone - President AIAPP Sez. Toscana Umbria Marche

12 am Biodiversity and renovation of semi-natural prairies - Michele ScottonUniversity of Padova

12:30 am Extensive green pensile with a high eco value in a mediterranean environment - Chiara Catalano - Zurich University of Applied Science

1 pm Projects and creations of the new eastern Flanders landscape - Brecht Carels - Direttore dell’Economische Raad voor Oost-Vlaanderen EROV and Didier Huygens – Manager of the department of Agriculture and Rural Politics



A tour in the places of production with thematic lessons hold by green and landscape experts and art and cultural events in the nursery.


Tuesday 13th June

From 7 pm to 10:30 pm Masts, Centro Mati 1909

Green night, among plants, flowers, music and traditional Tuscan products with MATI EXPERIENCE. Tour of the showing gardens and of the ornamental vegetable gardens, with itinerant lesson about masts, cured by Francesco Mati;


Presentation of “Guide lines for the management of the public arboreal patrimonies in a Risk Management perspective” - Roberto Diolaiti – Municipality of Bologna and after   "Premio Angelo Tosi"  9th edition prize-giving,  promoted by the municipality of Coniolo (AL) and by the Italian Association of Public Gardens Managers and Technicians;

We "meet... with the vegetables of the vegetable garden", a classic music concert cured by Andrea Mati will follow.


Wednesday 14th June

From 2 pm to 4:45 pm Fruit trees and the garden, Romiti Vivai

Presentation of the photobook by Luca Bracali about the ornamental nursery and show of thematic videos in the Centro Aziendale;

Guided tour of the ornamental fruit trees  collection and of the nursery.


From 5 pm to 7 pm  Blooming shrub and perennial plants, Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi

Tour of the Hortensia, Buddleje, Hibiscus, Spiree and Hydrangee collection of the Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi accompanied by Rita Paoli - Agronomist:

  • “More vegetable garden than garden” book presented by one of the two writers, Simonetta Chiarugi, blogger and green journalist;
  • "Tea and sweets on the farmyard", homemade sweets and hortensia tea "Serrata Oamacha" with the Kanbutsu-è ritual.


From 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm Plants’ shapes, Rolando Innocenti & Figli

Set and dance performance "Plants’ shapes" with "Fabula Danza -  Centro per la danza e il movimento di Pistoia" and thematic lesson hold by the Garden Designer, Elisabetta Pozzetti. Dinner-Time with dishes and typical products of the pistoiese cookery tradition.


Thursday 15th June

From 9 am to 1:30 pm Trees and shrubs for the landscape, Vannucci Piante

Headquarter, Quarrata, loc. Piuvica, at 9 am in the Salone degli Alberi, lesson hold by Marco Pozzoli, Landscape designer, with the presentation of the book "Giardini e Paesaggi. La scuola di Marco Pozzoli" by Ines Romiti, and analysis of the trees and shrubs issue with nursery and show room tour;

Pistoia Nursery Park, 11 am, tour of the first European nursery park, where landscapes designer from all over the world find inspiration for their projects, thanks to the exhibition of more than 1000 examples some of them are centuries-old;

Pistoia Nursery Campus, 12 am, tour with analysis of the future landscape’s issues: natural energy such as sun, ground and wind, robotics, domotics, tridimensionality of the garden, ending with thematic lunch with the production fruits of the vegetable garden of the Campus;


From 2 pm to 4:45 pm The young plants, Innocenti & Mangoni Piante

Tour of the collection of young plants and lesson “The multiplication for set of shrubs” hold by Valter Pironi – Agronimist graduate and consultant for the floriculture                      


From 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm Citrus trees, olive trees and Mediterranean, Istituto Tecnico Agrario di Pescia "D. Anzilotti", in collaboration with Flora Toscana Soc. Agr. Coop

Lesson hold by Aldo Colombo - Agronomist and green journalist and the evening will end with music


Friday 16th June

From 8:30 am to 11 am The queen of the garden: the rose, Rose Barni 

"A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose..." - Gertude Stein

Tour of the rose collection of the well-known company that produces roses since 1882 maintaing the high level of this ornamental plant, promoting both the spreading of new  and particular hybrids, and respecting the high standard of production. The tour will be hold by Ines Romiti – Landscape designer that will hold a lesson about the rose, synonimous of beauty and charme, elegance and opulence.


From 11:30 am to 5 pm Plants and gardens, Zelari Piante

Lesson hold by Irena Mantello – Landscape designer, Vice-president AIAPP Piemonte

The participation to the Cultural green itineraries is at invitation and with limited availability. The registration must be done on the website



Tribute to the Pistoiese Master Franco Petracchi


Thrusday 15th June

8:30 pm Palazzo Dé Rossi, Headquarter of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia: Evening with Franco Petracchi, one of the main classic double bass player of the history of the music. Tribute to his career, in the year of his 80th birthday.

Registration is required with limited availability


Friday 16th June

Contrabbassata” in the city center of Pistoia

Green notes to discover the secret corners of the city center: the double bass designs a passionate journey in the heart of “Cino's town”

5:30 pm Musical performance with double bass players along the streets of the center  (Piazza Duomo, il Battistero, Piazza degli Ortaggi, San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, Via degli Orafi, Via dei Fabbri, Piazza Gavinana). 7 pm all the musicians will reach the loggias of Palazzo Comunale: Alberto Bocini and Antonio Sciancalepore Bass Strong Quartet will open and after that there will be the conclusion hold by the ensemble directed by the Master Francesco Petracchi

Master Franco Petracchi, one of the most important classic double bass player of the whole world, was born in Pistoia in 1937.

Alberto Bocini student of Master Petracchi, is a professor at HEM (Haute École de Musique) of Ginevra and he teaches masterclasses at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and at the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana.

Antonio Sciancalepore is the first solo double bass player of the Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

All the events are free of charge

The double bass players who want to participate can send an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Free guided tours on reservation to some historical-artistic and technical-scientific excellences related to the landscape and the nursery field


Saturday 17th June

9 am meeting at the visited location

The guided tour will last about 4 hours. Booking is compulsory with limited availability. Registration on the website

It is not possible to book more than one visit with the same name.

Quarrata - Villa Medicea La Magia: Contemporary art and landscape itinerary, guided tour to the garden of Villa Medicea "La Magia", UNESCO heritage and to the environmental art collection "Lo Spirito del Luogo". There will be two tours that will last about one hour for a maximum of 25 participants, the first tour will start at 9 am and the second one will be at 10:30 am - Via Vecchia Fiorentina, 63 - 51039 Quarrata (PT)

Collodi - Giardino Garzoni, Butterfly House and Parco di Pinocchio: Tour of Giardino Garzoni, with a thematic lesson about "Amusement parks, botanical parks, historical parks:locations for the loisir and for the eco-tourism development”, cured by Pierfrancesco Bernacchi  and Stefano Mengoli

Visit of the Butterfly House and of the Parco di Pinocchio, during the tour, participants can take part to the botanical treasure hunt - Via San Gennaro - 51017 Collodi, Pescia (PT)

Pescia - CREA-OF of Pescia: Guided tour to the Market gardening and floriculture research center, that creates nurseries and ornamental productions, for the environmental green and for the urban design, with a focus on the genetic improvement, the sustainble production and the energy conservation with a particular attention to the plantation techniques, propagation and plants defense: the location's representative, Gianluca Burchi, will hold a brief introduction on the CREA-OF activities in the nursery area and he will guide the tour to the experimental system with an introduction about the experimental test hold by the CREA-OF researchers - Via dei Fiori, 8 - 51012 Pescia (PT)

The participation to the guided tours has a limited availability and they can be booked only on the website


PANEL DISCUSSION on "Project for Pistoia European Capital of Green"

Saturday 17th June

Sala Maggiore of Palazzo Comunale

From 3 pm to 6 pm Project for Pistoia European Capital of Green -  Renato Ferretti introduces and leads – Manager of Provincia di Pistoia

Participants: Mayor of Pistoia, President of the Provincia di Pistoia Rinaldo Vanni,  President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia Luca Iozzelli,  President of the Distretto Rurale Vivaistico-Ornamentale of Pistoia Francesco Mati, Green City Italia Andreas Kipar; President Associazione Vivaisti Italiani Vannino Vannucci, President ANVE Marco Cappellini, President AIAAP Luigino Pirola, President Direttori and Tecnici Pubblici Giardini Stefano Cerea


Education credits recognised by:

- Ordine dei Dottori Agronomi e Forestali della Provincia di Pistoia

- Collegio dei Geometri e dei Geometri Laureati di Pistoia

- Collegio Interprovinciale dei Periti Agrari e dei Periti Agrari Laureati di Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia, Livorno e Massa Carrara

- Collegio Interprovinciale degli Agrotecnici e degli Agrotecnici Laureati di Pistoia - Livorno - Lucca - Massa - Carrara - Pisa: Certificates of attendance recognised


To obtain education credits the enrollment and the enrollment number for the professional association are compulsory

Education credits, depending on the professional association, are recognised for the Conference and the Cultural green itineraries

Information and enrollment:

Following a successful event last year, involving the participation of more than 20,000 visitors, 2017 marks the eighth edition of Pistoia – Dialogues on Man, the festival of contemporary anthropology promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia and the Municipality of Pistoia, designed and directed by Giulia Cogoli

 “Culture makes us human. Movements, diversity and exchanges”: this is the topic for 2017, chosen to mark the Tuscan city’s role as Italian Capital of Culture this year.