October 28th 2017

Pistoia, Uniser - Via Pertini 358



ore 10.00 Majora Carter (New York) Community as Corporation. Talent Retention as the key to positive growth and change

ore 10.50 Paolo Bürgi (Camorino) Venustas et Utilitas

ore 11.45 Cecil C. Konijnendijk (Vancouver) Imagining Forest Cities. The Role of Urban Forestry in Creating Vibrant, Healthy and Resilient Urban Areas

ore 13.00 LUNCH BREAK Free lunch included

ore 15.00 Robert Costanza (Canberra) Urban and Regional Design Using the Four-Capital Framework of Ecological Economics

ore 15.50 Paul Embrechts (Zurich) Urban Habitat, Environment, and Risk

ore 16.45 Harry Francis Mallgrave (Chicago) The Culture of the City. An Experiential Model

SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIAT: Flavia Veronesi, Sara Caramaschi Landscape Design Lab Sede operativa di Pistoia Via Sandro Pertini, 358 I piano, stanza 104 +39 0573 3620200 

ORGANIZING SECRETARIAT: PLS Educational Via della Mattonaia, 17 50121 – Firenze +39 055 24621

After 10 years the German artist Anselm Kiefer comes back to Pistoia, with the exhibition “Libri tra libri” (Books among books), which will be inaugurated on 8th September in San Giorgio's library. This exhibition is organised by Jorio Vivarelli Foundation, in partnership with the municipality of  Pistoia, the contribution of Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia Foundation, and the Lia Rumma Milano/Napoli Gallery.

The exhibition is free and people will be able to visit it until 25th November. There are about ten works including big books sculptures made by Kiefer with all sorts of techniques, from lead photography to watercolour.

The relation between the German artist and the town -today Italian Capital of Culture- started in 2007 with the inclusion in the library of the permanent work “Die Große Fracht” (The big load). It is a molten lead and clay panel of 490x690 cm which dominates the reading room, a work specially realised for the Library of Pistoia.

Gabi Scardi explains, in the introduction of the volume that accompanies the exhibition, the motivation of the interest of Kiefer for the book: “His fact-finding impulse always pushes him to explore more fields. His imagination knows no limits. Without inhibitions and with uncommon energy, Kiefer faces the themes of existence and history with their contradictions. His work is animated by an all-absorbing passion and aspires to contain everything: nature, myths and archetypes and philosophical, theological, mystical and esoteric thought of every age; everything that man has ever built in terms of symbolic and cultural systems. […]

The written word is the vehicle of his relation with the different fields of knowledge. It is no coincidence therefore that the active relation with the culture, the word and his correspondent, the book, is one of the constants which cross and permeate his work”.

The volume, which goes with the exhibition, will be published by “Gli Ori Editori”. The graphic communication is realised by “Tipografica Pistoiese” with the collaboration of  Webtitude communication and events.