Local specialities


A region can also be discovered through its flavours and aromas. If you travel in this area you will appreciate high-quality products of ancient tradition which are inseparably linked to the place in which they are made:


Pecorino cheese from the Montagna Pistoiese

Sorana Beans (I.G.P)

Fruits of the forest

The Chestnut

Tuscan Bread

Cold Meats

Olive Oil



The Cialda of Montecatini Terme


The Pistoia confetto




Traditional dishes


The people of Tuscany's love of good food is universally known. Pistoian cooking is above all simple country cooking, based on wholesome flavours that have remained unchanged over the years. The typical ingredients of rustic cooking dominate: unsalted bread (fresh, toasted or stale bread is the basis for many dishes, for example chunky cabbage soup or ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, a kind of thick tomato soup, crostini with liver paté, and panzanella, bread salad); vegetables (which give a lift to exquisite soups and delicious fried dishes); pulses (cooked all'uccelletto, in a tomato sauce, or al fiasco, cooked in a flask, they also make an excellent base for soups). All of which is naturally accompanied by a wonderfully thick and fragrant olive oil. Not forgetting the meat dishes, from those that use fine cuts of meat such as bistecca alla fiorentina and pork arista, to the more humble ones, including offal (tripe, lampredotto, carcerato and cioncia), not to mention the many poultry and game recipes. These delicious dishes are usually served with an excellent red, white or rosé, local wines which are also well-known beyond the borders of the region. The typical cakes and sweets of Pistoia, like those in the rest of Tuscany, are dry rather than creamy. They range from the various specialities that are made with chestnut flour (castagnaccio, necci, frittelle) to those that are fried (bomboloni, cenci) and other delicacies (brigidini, cantucci, berlingozzi etc). It is this very characteristic that makes them the perfect partner for the excellent local dessert wines such as vin santo.